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I took the liberty of checking out Ms.Marian Adejokun’s files and her book in  I can understand why you have such high regard for her and that you would consider her referring you to us.  She has a very compelling story to tell the world and by God’s grace she was given the courage to do that through a published book.

Wow its  you Marian Faithinme Adejokun !! I followed your story at the time and was in awe of Gods miraculous ways. I thank God for keeping you ..
But look, just like i heard your testimony, many MANY other people know about it too , everything points towards the grace of God in your life and how through Jesus you are saved. Was the trauma and pain Gods will.. I dont know.. Was the testimony at the end meant to point others to Jesus Christ .. Yes definitely! Your an inspiration, your story will touch many more lives for the sake of the Gospel and your reward awaits you in Heaven x


you're an inspiritation Marian despite the challenges and hurdles you've had to face you still stand strong and you're willing to give your all to the youth. Thank you for inviting me to speak at your event and talk about the important role that schools, the educational system and parentd can play in their childrens life. The effects it has when they neglect thei rrole and how important it is for all of us to let go of our pride and egos and yearn to learn more about each others struggles and experiences.

Congratulations to Marian on her youth event. it was great! Totally enjoyed the youth panel, Heavenleigh sat in for Croydon Young Mayor. The fashion show was amazing and I pray for the brand to grow from strenght to str ength while impacting young people across Croydon and the U.K. I totally honored to be apart of the day!

Have you ever heard of the saying "I don't look like what I have been through?" Well this Beautiful young lady... Marian can say that if nobody else can! I read her story and it blew my mind, I encourage you to click the link in her bio and check out her testimony, SHE'S truly and Beautiful and amazing individual with a heart of Gold.

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