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New Year Resolution! by Emmanuella Alausa

Updated: Feb 7

I hope you’re having a blessed day. I hope you’re doing well and if not remember no situation is permanent, you’ve got this!

What A Year. I personally am so thankful to God, my family; gained family and opportunities I have been blessed with this year alone. Although, I still feel I had more to give. This new year, 2022, choose to make your resolutions achievable. If you feel as if some things hinder the aim of your resolutions causing it to be incomplete then try something different this New Year. Every year, most likely everyone has something they want to do, change, eradicate, enhance or whatever it maybe. By the end of the year some of us may be pleased that our resolutions have been accomplished and others not.

These are things to do when writing your resolutions:

When writing your New Year resolution having a super objective that summarises the objectives is helpful. For instance, the super objective could be as simple as change. Then the objectives will be the individual ways, e.g. exercise, revise 1hr a day, make new friends etc. I did this with my good friend the other day, discussing our goals and writing them down with a main focus in mind. Another out of the many goals we discussed was being of service.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the ‘I want to , I will’ words and seem to forget one of the greatest abilities is to be of service especially to people who need it most and anyone can do this. As I mentioned, my friend and I were discussing goals and that ties in with an important resolution, having an accountability group.

This requires trustworthy and understandable people to make sure that they keep you ‘in check’. Being able to have that small group of people will aid your resolutions for the coming year and make it that much easier to achieve. In addition, dividing the year quarterly can help maintain the goal or see the progress being made; that way more structure is developed because there is impactful planning for each three months. Furthermore, be realistic and have refocusing moments during the process, e.g. praying or meditating. Last but not least be ambitious with a resolution, take that step or steps.

As Miss Oprah says “Often we don’t even realize who we’re meant to be because we’re so busy trying to live out someone else’s ideas. But other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny.”

By Emmanuella Alausa- @theellls

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