ReachOut2All, has a vision to inspire  and empower many youths through various strategies which will consider all youths from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities ensuring their needs are best met. 

Everyday, we observe how these youths are lost in this big world we are living in… most of them are subjected to knife crime, gun crime, gangs, abuse, anxiety, drugs, mental health etc. At the end of the day our youths feel hopeless and think there’s nothing to live for.

We believe something needs to be done. This generation and beyond have a lot of gifted youths who are destined for greatness in their life and to impact others with their challenges, where they can all learn from each other’s mistakes and make things right before it’s too late. 


ReachOut2All would like the youths to use this platform to show off their various talents such as acting, dancing, singing, poetry, mentoring, sharing their inspirational stories etc. to encourage others that maybe facing the same struggle and make a real difference. 


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