Marian Adejokun is the founder of ReachOut2All which is also the title of her second book. Marian has an MA in Early Years education at UCL Institute of Education. She also has a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. It has always been Marian's passion to teach and speak at schools primary, secondary, and higher education as she likes to use that platform to empower young children, youths, and adults about her story. Marian is a primary teacher (SEN, EAL, Early Years, and other year groups), published author of two books, youth advocate, and entrepreneur. 


Marian has fared and lived by the rules of life and death far greater than most people of her age. An allergic reaction to medication led to a near-death experience that changed her life forever. The details of her struggles and the highlights of her life - both good and bad - are shared in her soul-expanding memoir, "My Life Is Not My Own".


"My Life Is Not My Own" follows the two decades of Adejokun's life story. She writes about her past experiences, how God helped her rise again after a life-threatening illness, and her reflections on these experiences.

"My books are about reaching out to the youths about what God has done for me in my life," says Adejokun, "more so to give them hope that no matter what trials and tribulations they may be facing there’s always hope in Christ."


Stevens-Johnson Syndrome became the turning point of the author's life. Having dealt with the agony of painfully peeling skin all over her body, she almost gave up. But what happened before she woke up to a second life set her on a mission for Christ.


"I was in heaven and met God and what he said changed everything: 'Marian, it’s not your time to die yet. What I want you to do is to go out to the world and reach out to the youths about the good news in your life.'"


Today, Marian Adejokun is an ambassador of God's message, spreading goodness and inspiration for young people to never give up on the challenges that life may throw one's way. Speaking on the importance of positive outlook and willpower in overcoming life's odds, she says, "You can achieve whatever you want to have or whomever you want to become. But first, you need to believe in what you can do, to foresee

the future in your mind, and to know that whatever happens, you are not alone - God is with you."

Marian has been interviewed on PREMIER GOSPEL RADIO, METRO NEWSPAPER, DAILY MAIL, BBC NEWS, and ITV NEWS just to name a few and has also spoken amongst the Martin Luther King Jr family during the Atlanta Global Humanitarian Summit back in March 2016 and has spoken internationally at various youth event in Africa, Dubai, and Europe. 

In 2019, Marian and her ReachOut2All Ambassadors took a group of young ​people to YouTube London for a behind the scenes tour. ReachOut2All also visited the spectacular Nelson Mandela exhibition which was hosted in Central London. ReachOut2All had planned on taking young people to Amazon tour and Sky Tv tour... this has been postponed due to covid19.

Marian is an international inspirational speaker for all occasions. She speaks at Churches, Schools, Universities, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to book Marian to speak at your event. 

The Batons Award 2018 Winner
The Batons Award 2018 Winner
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